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Technical Details:
35mm, colour, 1:1.375, mono optical, 121mins.


Subrata Sen

Director of photography:
Sirsa Ray

Debajyoti Misra

Rabiranjan Maitra

Sandeep Sen

Deep Films

Ek Je Aachhe Kanya ( The Girl)
(Directorial Debut)  


Anjan works in advertising and has recently rented a room in a house in the suburbs of Calcutta. Eighteen-year-old Ria, who lives there with her grand father, falls in love with the new tenant. But Anjan already has a long-time girlfriend Rupa, who works with him in advertising. The rejected girl tries in vain to win Anjan’s favour. When she sees that her efforts are futile she starts to make trouble for the couple. At first her mischief is only minor, but it is followed by more serious threats to Anjan’s advertising project. And when the couple announces their engagement the girl becomes so enraged thet she tries to kill them. A year later Ria is released from a mental institution because the doctors believe her to be stable. Anjan and Rupa are married and have moved away. But a new tenant has moved into grandfather’s house… The film candidly reflects the culture degradation of the metropolitan environment, of traditional interpersonal relationships and points to the raising crime rate among young people.

Srinivas National Award For Best Indian Directorial Debut, Kalakar Award for the Best Feature Film.

Best Actress, Best Music and Best Cinematography awards by BFJA.

Karlovy Vary, Mumbai, San Fransisco.