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June Malliah, Sujan Mukherjee and Mir


Sirsha Ray

Art Direction:
Indranil Ghosh

Atanu Sarkar

Debajyoti Mishra

Rabi Ranjan Maitra

Produced by:
Ramoji Rao

Story, Script and Direction: Subrata Sen

UKTv (Bangla) presentation








(Women like Shirin)

Shirin-ra is a film shot on digital video exclusively for television. It was a commissioned film for Etv-Bangla. This was Sen’s first venture into television and he says it was quite a rewarding experience.


Shirin, a working woman, is in madly love with her husband, Surajit, who was her college mate. But Shirin is the kind of person who would not remain satisfied with her identity as “Surajit’s wife”. She starts exploring her sexuality and finds compatibility with her colleague Subrahmanium Iyer, fondly referred to as Mani. She leads the dual life till her birthday party when she can’t explain everything to herself…

Shirin-ra is a film more about style rather than content. Movie goes forward and backward in time and space and creates an illusion as a few portions are shot in monochrome. It’s the stylistic rendering of the movie that had attracted lakhs of viewers to watch the film and had earned itself a very high TRP (television rating point).

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