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Cast :

Bikram Ghosh
Jaya Shil
Tina Majumdar

Technical Details:

Gauge: 35 MM
Format: 1: 1.85 
Sound - Mono Optical
Year of Production: 2004
Duration - 113 minutes
inner Circle Films
Senco Gold


The story revolves around Rani, a housewife with a successful husband, Tapas, and a kid. Rani lives a routine existence, looking after her family and attending her dance classes. One day her old college sweetheart Abinash comes back into her life. Abinash has been traveling the world, and is a renowned musician today. He seeks Rani out and gives her a strange proposal. Abinash says that he has had relationships with a few women, but cannot give himself up fully because the memory of Rani stands in his way. Rani and his love was never consummated, which always makes him think about Rani when he is with other women. Abinash wants to spend one single day with Rani, know her intimately, and get freed of her image as a fantasy figure. Rani is aghast and angry at first, but slowly, as time progresses, long lost emotions locked up in her mind starts surfacing. She starts comparing her husband with Abinash, who comes across as a much more sensitive and interesting character. Abinash has a girlfriend, Maya, who loves him deadly, but cannot get him fully because of his Rani syndrome....

The movie has been adapted from a short story by the renowned author Sunil Gangopadhyay, who has won both national and international acclaim for his works. Two of his stories have been made into films by Satyajit Ray while "SHODH" a film by Biplab Roychoudhury based on his short story won the Golden Lotus. Mr. Gangopadhyay has been the sheriff of Kolkata.



Music Composer -
Bikram Ghosh
Art Director -
Tanmoy Chakraborty
Cinematographer -
Samiran Datta
Sound -
Anup Mukhopadhyay
Producer -
Kanchan Datta
Editor -
Rabi Ranjan Moitra

Story, Screenplay and Direction -
Subrata Sen